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Should independent living be a choice?

Ben is a JJ’s List volunteer who now lives independently. In this post, he shares his feelings about institution vs. independent living, and the recent Olmstead class action suit in Cook County. The proposed agreement as a result of the class action suit, entitled the Olmstead decision allows people with disabilities who live in nursing … Continue reading

Finding Bauer, my angel with paws

Sarah Goldberg is a JJ’s List volunteer with Cerebral Palsy. This post, she shares with us what it’s been like trying to get a service dog, and how she, after 2 long years, finally has Bauer in her life. Hi, my name is Sarah Goldberg and I am 22 and I am a person who is living … Continue reading

Why restroom labels impact people with disabilities.

We met Darby Morris at this year’s Chicago Disability Pride Parade and really enjoyed hearing her story, so we’ve invited her to do a special guest post for the JJ’s List Blog. Enjoy! One stall restrooms can be big road blocks to a variety of individuals, primarily for the reason that people have been taught … Continue reading

Zach Anner on Oprah – Disability on TV like never before

Article written by John Gier, a JJ’s List volunteer and self-advocate with Cerebral Palsy. Zach Anner, a young male with Cerebral Palsy from Texas, is going to have his own show. “Rolling Around the World with Zach Anner” will be on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), which reaches millions of people, starting this month. Cerebral … Continue reading

Buses and Tie Downs

I have been riding public transportation for about 8 years now. For the most part, this has been a really easy process.  All buses, and a large portion of the train stations are physically accessible for people with disabilities.  The only issue I have is that the policy requiring tie downs is applied inconsistently. Tie … Continue reading

Yes, Laurie, There Really Is a Way. And it’s not Santa Claus.

My friend and fellow disability advocate Laurie and I communicated recently about whether the disability community really puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to patronizing disability-aware businesses.  “Do I shop at our local Walmart, for example, over the local Target, because I know they employ a young man who uses a … Continue reading

Bridge Builder Project with Forrest’s Duxler featured!

Wilmette Life did a fabulous feature on JJ’s List last month, covering one of our Bridge Builder Project teams, Brian and Megan, along with JJ as they paid a visit to Forrest’s Duxler. As a disability-aware provider of complete vehicle maintenance and repair solutions, Forrest’s Duxler has received some raving reviews on jjslist.com. From what I heard, … Continue reading

Disability At the Movies

Guest Post by Debbie De Palma, with research assistance from Yaseen Fawzi As Colin Firth is poised to win an Oscar for his portrayal of a king unable to speak due to severe stuttering in The King’s Speech (2010), and as we have watched Claire Danes receive numerous accolades for her portrayal of Temple Grandin, … Continue reading

The Future of Vulnerable Citizens

In late January, President Obama spoke to the nation, outlining his hopes and plans for the future of the US in the perennial presidential State of the Union address. It was a very ambitious speech that touched on quite a few topics.  One of those topics was a five-year federal spending freeze. President Obama stated … Continue reading